Prohibited Items

  • Sharp Objects (Knives over 6cm in length, razors, craft knives, all injurious and drilling objects)
  • All kinds of firearms and imitations
  • Sports Equipment
  • Tools Inflammable and Explosive Substances
  • Weapons & Firearms

Any caliber firearms and grooved weapons, all kinds of shotguns and machine guns, imitations of firearms, air guns, all kinds of toy guns, masked or camouflaged weapons (i.e. lighter or pen weapons), start-up weapons, parts of weapons (except telescopic target boards or target boards),ball firing weapons (plastic or metal), point guns, launchers and catapults, electric-powered shock devices, gun shaped lighters, industrial bolt, nail and harpoon guns, bow and arrows, sedative injection devices for animals, paint guns, pistols and capsules.

Pointed/Sharp edged Weapons and Objects

Axes of any variety, arrow and darts, spear, pike, harpoon, hook, ice axe, chopper, launchers, cleat, dagger, attack, clasp and gauge knives, blade, sword, bayonet, sharp edged and arrowed knives, diving equipment (divers knives etc.), scissors (sharp and over 6 cm in length), ice crackers, razor, shaving knives, metal cutters, needle, jack knives and multi-purpose jack knives, nail clippers (over 6 cm in length), corkscrew, climbing equipment (crampon, adze, hammer, ace axe etc.), skiing, walking and climbing sticks, nail files (over 6 cm in length), skewer, sharp end umbrella, craft knife, any kind of items used for fighting, attack and defense (long sticks, swords, telescopic batons, knuckles, bayonet, mace, mace whip, choking wire or chain, skewer sticks etc.) Ice skaters, pen knives, hunting knives, All kinds of carpentry tools (hammer, screwdriver, drill, saw, tape measure etc.), sharp medical tools (lancet, bistouries etc.), cutlery, hypodermic syringes or needles (will be allowed if proved to be for medical reason), battery operated screwers, drills and heads/tips, electrical saw, all kinds of knives longer than 6 cm (incl. meat knives and ceramic knives)

Explosives and Flammable Substances

Explosives and explosive systems (incl. imitations), Fuse and detonators, dynamite and imitations, fireworks, fire crackers, hand grenades and imitations, plastic explosives, mine, gunpowder and other army commodities, ammunition and munitions, Flammable liquids (petrol, benzene, diesel, alcohol, ethanol, gas oil etc.), spray paints, thinner and turpentine, gas and gas cylinders (oxygen, propane, butane, acetone), liquid and gas for lighters, flamed lighters (for USA flights only), imitation flammable items, any kind of unsafe matches (matches that are flammable on all surfaces), beverages and liquids with over 70% alcohol content (cologne etc.), smoke emitters (smoke bombs etc.)

Blunt and Obtuse Objects

Thick sticks (golf, cricket, baseball, hockey, lacrosse clubs), oars (canoe etc.), cuffs, all kinds of billiard cues, skateboard, fishing equipment and fishing gear, all kinds of batons, clubs and sticks (these objects may be allowed after checked depending on passen ger profile) Ski gear, rope, hawser, steel hawser, all surfing boards.

Chemical Biological Nuclear (NBC) and Toxicants

Acids and batteries, radioactive materials (except medical use), dry ice (more than 2 kg), self-flammable substances, fire extinguishers, dog repellent sprays, poisons and agricultural pesticides (pesticide, rat poison etc.) Substances which are contagious and may create biological danger (septic blood, bacteria and viruses), Chemical/biological agents (agents that may cause to high fewer such as mustard gas, sarin, anthrax, flower, cyanide, tularemia, botulism, ebola and marburg, sprays which may cause disability or limit defense (pepper spray, tear gases, CN and CS gases which may look like a key ring, dissolvent, erosive and removers (irritants such as chlorine, bleach, muriatic acid etc.), pressurized gas cylinder, oxygen tubes (chemical oxygen tubes, diving tubes, liquid oxygen tubes), heat generators, all kinds of liquid which are not in containers of 100 ml or less capacity and in sealable 1 lt. plastic bags (gel, toothpaste, lotions, solid/liquid mixtures, perfume, shaving foam, aerosol, hair gel, beverages, soups, syrups etc.). Relevant procedure is outlined in regulation for liquids.

Prohibited Items On Board

Fuse and detonators, all kinds of explosive and explosive systems, fireworks, signal flares, mine and army explosives, hand grenades, fire crackers, high risk flammables and inflammables, smoke emitters, NBC s (except for medical use)

Restrictions on Liquid

All liquid, gels and sprays must be in maximum 100 ml size boxes, bottles or similar cups.
Cups containing liquid, gel or sprays must be kept in 1 liter size transparent and resealable plastic bags.
The amount of liquid, gel and spray must not exceed the maximum amount that 1 liter size transparent plastic bags can take in.
Each passenger is allowed to carry only 1 such bag.
Following items are included within the scope of liquid, gel or spray herein stated.
Water, syrup, all kinds of liquid including alcoholic beverages, creams, lotions, oils (incl. cosmetic oils), perfumes, all kinds of make-up items including mascara (excl. solid lip sticks), shaving foams, deodorants, all pastes (including toothpaste), non-solid food such as jam, honey, yogurt, molasses and tomato paste, contact lens solutions, shampoos and other similar items.