• Zafer Airport has been projected by the aim of solving air transportation problems of Afyon-Uşak-Kütahya.
  • By giving 29 years and 11 months communication duration, IC İÇTAŞ has taken the mentioned tender
  • Occupied company; has completed the invest in a short time like 18 months instead of 36 months.
  • By being signed Application Contract between DHMİ Head Office and occupied company, construction site delivery was done on 21st of April,2011.
  • On 25th of November,2012, by the participation of Mr.President, Zafer Airport has been put into service.
  • 19 Check-Incounters, 4 passportdesks, totaly 4 departuregatesboth in domesticand international terminals, food and beverage courts, health, babycare, souveniour shops where traditional poducts and home made artsaresold and 3 rent a car shops havebeen put into service in domesticand international terminal which has 17.620 m2 indoorarea on landside.
  • Zafer Airport is the 29th Airport which was warranted by General Directorate of Civil Aviation. Moreover, it is the 10th Airport which was warranted as a Burdenless Airport again by General Directorate of Civil Aviation and has the necessary B Class Certificate for making International Flights happen.
  • Firefighting equipment with both drychemical and water bubble Sytsem,Snows truggle vehicles and runway braking measuring sets give service in all conditions and condition of a negativesituaion.
  • At the same time, Ambulance and technical team areavaliable for health services.​


    Yer M2
    Toplam Faaliyet Alanı 3.248.890
    Toplam Kapalı Alan 27.726
    Toplam Terminal Alanı 17.620
    Diğer Kapalı Alanlar 10.106
    Pist 3.000 m. X 45m
    Apron Kapasite 3 Uçak/ saat
    Pist ve Yaklaşma Categori II
    SYS Cihazları VOR, DME, NDB, ILS