The facilities included into the guidance document prepared by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation within the scope of Disabled-Friendly Airport project have been at your service starting from the opening of the airport in order to enable you, our esteemed passengers, to benefit from our services in the most productive manner before the flight.

Departing Passenger Services

  1. Directing signs have been placed at the parking lot spaces allocated to you at the terminal in order to allow easy access.
  2. Exclusive parking lot spaces have been reserved at the terminal for you.
  3. Access gates and information desks are accessible from the parking lot and areas of boarding - deplaning through tactile paving.
  4. Having accessed at the information desk with people with disabilities, may ask the security staff member for help to go through the security check and up to the information unit.
  5. Our passengers may pass through special security check point, without waiting in a line.
  6. Security staff member guides our passengers to the information unit or accompanies them if necessary. Our information unit informs and supports you in accordance with your demands.
  7. Ground handling staff called to the information unit will support you until you board on the plane.
  8. Check-in desks are designed especially at our terminal. (Check-in desk numbered 19)
  9. pecial design has been provided at various spots inside the terminal and WC and call buttons, which are easily accessible in cases of emergencies, have been provided.
  10. Phone and seats have been designed in the inner areas of the terminal.
  11. Spots of shopping and food and beverages are designed to allow easy access.
  12. Ground handling staff will guide you to the last security point reserved and passport check spot.
  13. After passport check, you will have arrived at the boarding gate along with your belongings half an hour in advance of flight.

Arriving Passenger Services

  1. Ground handling staff offers assisting services starting from the arrival of the plane
  2. Tactile paving leads to points of access to buses and taxis from the baggage reclaim area.
  3. Pre-Flight Information
  4. Before taking off, you can call phone no 444 3 937 to receive information about your flight and demand special services.
  5. You can let us know about your opinions and suggestions about our services using our forms, which are designed especially for you, at the information desk