Each passenger may carry total 500 ml liquid in hand luggage, provided that no single product shall exceed 100 ml. There is no such limitation for hold luggage.

Security-related matters that every passenger must pay attention to:

Departing Passenger Services

  1. If security is considered as a chain, the strongest link of such chain is the users of the airport. In other words, you!

  2. If you have not prepared your luggage yourself or if your luggage has not arrived at the airport under your supervision, please inform the security staff accordingly.
  3. When passing through a checkpoint, if suspicious conduct of others catches your attention at the terminal and inside the plane, just report to the security staff.
  4. If you see anybody leaving their personal belongings such as luggage, cell phones, packs on the plane during passenger deplaning, just report this to the cabin staff.
  5. If anybody wants to give you luggage, packs etc. during check-in due to weight restrictions etc, do not accept. Please help the security staff, remembering that their security-related directions are for the good of all.
  6. Please remember that any illegal action to be directed at our airports/aircraft can have a negative impact on our country in all aspects.
  7. You can report anything suspicious that catches your attention at the airports using the extension number 111/111 through the extension phones placed at certain spots by the Local Authority inside the airport or used by the employees.
  8. Please request information from the airlines companies on the Prohibited Items in Aircraft Cabins and Airport Sterile Areas or obtain information from the webpage


Volume Max. 1 Liter