The rules and applications related to carrying pets in cabin vary with respect to the airway company being traveled with. The issue must be discussed with the airway company before the travel and the current information regarding the applications must be learned from the relevant company.

  • The general rules regarding carrying of pets within the framework of the procedure applied by the airways are as below;
  • Pet transportation is subject to fee. This fee is determined at the time of baggage delivery by weighing of the cage and the animal together. Some Flight Companies might collect fees during reservation also.
  • The pets can be accepted to the aircraft only if accompanied by the passenger.
  • The pets can be carried only in cages in measurements described by the airway, and which are provided by the pet owning passenger.
  • There must be a tag on the cage which states the name of the passenger and the animal.
  • The pet must be healthy, harmless, clean, and odorless. If the condition of the animal is seen suspicious (disturbed, aggressive, ailing, etc.) it might not be accepted for flight by the flight responsibles.
  • The health certificate, certificate of vaccination, and identity papers belonging to the pet must be kept by the passenger to be shown during the acceptance to flight transactions and whenever required.
  • Some countries are not allowing the entry, exit and transiting of the passenger accompanied pets. For detailed information, please contact your the reservation or closest ticket selling office of the airway which you are travelling with.